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General Inquiries
Telephone 018 464 2934
Ina 082 559 8294

We Buy (Wholesale)
Johan 064 752 4408
Tinus 082 851 6002

We Sell (Wholesale)
Hanna 060 983 9243
Tinus 082 851 6002
Alecia 076 687 2268
Stanley 066 304 6154

Human 060 509 5019
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About Us

Since 2002 we have passionately traded meat products throughout South Africa. We are Klerksdorp based which give us a strategic location to supply nationally.


Product List

Contact us to find out more about our selection of fresh and frozen products.  We deliver, or you can collect.

Fresh Meat Fresh Meat Frozen Meat Offal Frozen Chicken Frozen Processed
Carcasses Cuts (Beef) Local/ Imports Boxes (Ox/ Sheep) Local/Imports Boxes
Beef A Grade Fillet Pork Trimmings Tripe Whole Chicken Boerewors
Beef C Grade Rump Pork Belly Rib Intestines Leg Quarters Mince
Porkers Sirloin Beef Trimmings Bible Thighs Braai Wors
Baconers Topside Chuck Hearts Drumsticks Braai Mince
Lamb Silverside MDM Lungs Wings Patties
Mutton Trimmings Turkey Drumsticks Liver Fillets and more...
and more... Fat and more... Spleen Offal
and more...
Kidneys Gizzards

Ox Tail Heads
Ox Tongue Feet